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Edible Gardens On The Move

My family has moved house and garden...again! Moving house is always a mission. Moving edible gardens takes it to a whole new level. Since beginning my food growing journey 7 years ago, I have created 8 new food gardens on rental properties, and carted countless...

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Winter Solstice reflection for resilient edible gardens

Take a moment The Winter Solstice is a fabulous time to let out a big breath, sit down and reflect on how your edible food garden is going. The days will soon be longer and we will be waiting patiently for seed orders to arrive and planning how we are going to fit...

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Attracting beneficial insects with Phacelia

Learning on the job Day 1 of of my Sustainable Horticulture Course in 2009 and I am shown a garden of scraggly looking weeds that is mine for the year. I felt more than ripped off as I looked about at the other perfect beds with tidy, bare soil. Little did I know......

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3 Essential Tasks Before Planting Garlic

It's Garlic planting time Traditionally Garlic is planted on the Winter Solstices. More and more we are breaking with tradition and planting this staple crop as early as March and right through April and May. Garlic is an easy crop to grow, however last year was a...

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